What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

An Army of Support

There are organizations that help veterans – and then there is Veteran Health Services.

While we all share a common goal, the distinctive approach undertaken by Veteran Health Services is one fueled by reverence, appreciation, and a desire to set a new standard of care for eternal heroes.

Veteran Health Services is a private nonprofit organization that is not affiliated in any way with the U.S. Military or Veteran Administration (VA). This unique distinction fosters a sense of sanctuary and refuge for veterans seeking our care while still struggling with concerns about confidentiality, promotion, and security clearance. Thus, Veteran Health Services’ unique independent structure helps to open therapeutic channels of dialogue and healing.

Most importantly, every one of our clinicians will be equipped with specific training essential to the effective treatment of our service men and women; in addition to having the requisite licensing to practice their profession, each will receive a minimum of 80 hours training in military culture and veteran-specific care.

A Family of Trust

Our team understands that providing effective care for our veterans goes beyond the individual, and must include ample provisions for their families, as well. We fully realize the incredible burden undertaken by the spouses and children of service men and women, and that complete healing is only possible by focusing on the backbone of a soldier’s life – the people he or she calls home.

The camaraderie experienced among veterans is an equally powerful force. Their inherent desire to assist one another is ever-present; their need to fulfill a mission, undeniable. Veteran Health Services plans to emphasize these traits with peer-to-peer support programs and related offerings, allowing this unique bond to foster goodwill among fellow veterans, while spreading the word about Veteran Health Services throughout the veteran community.

Veteran Health Services will also hire veterans – and their families – wherever and whenever possible. The infinite talents and skillsets comprising this vast community – including mental and behavioral health training – will continue to strengthen our clinical team and veteran-specific offerings.

A Future of Promise

Embracing technology has become increasingly essential for organizations that help veterans. The young men and women returning home from tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world have grown up in an era of technological advancement, and that, along with their battlefield experiences, is the world they understand.

At Veteran Health Services, multiple processes, from scheduling to prescription refills, will continue to be refined, strengthened, and streamlined thanks to advances in technology, including 24-hour live access to staff members via telehealth, as well as the implementation of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) that maximizes efficiency and minimizes errors.

Plans are also in place for the use of a proprietary mobile application designed to empower patients with immediate access to their personal treatment plans. The innovation will also provide an invaluable bird’s eye view of a veteran’s day-to-day life to the providers entrusted with their care, in an effort to improve outcomes and facilitate timelier healing.

Contribute to Veterans Health Services and help make a hero healthy again.

100% of all proceeds will be used exclusively for the development, launch, and operation of Veteran Health Services. We are the providers of care.  Our bylaws forbid executive performance bonuses, and supporters can rest assured that their money is going directly to the development of health care services and programs for American veterans.