About Veteran Health Services:

Veteran Health Services, Inc. (VHS) was founded by Stephen Goldberg, MD, a former health care executive and entrepreneur, to address the unmet psychiatric, psychological and substance abuse treatment needs of America’s returning servicemen and women. He became frustrated and motivated to action by the staggering statistics of over 20 veterans per day killing themselves, the more than 300,000 former servicemen and women suffering from PTSD and depression and how more of our heroes are dying from suicide than from any other means of death, including the war itself!

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was created to provide veterans and their families with unparalleled behavioral healthcare, substance abuse and trauma-related services, regardless of their meeting traditional criteria for “medical necessity” or their ability to pay. Veteran Health Services, Inc. believes that to truly honor their service, veterans must be treated as heroes, and endeavors to do so by providing them unparalleled access to exemplary clinicians that are specifically trained in military culture and veteran-related issues.

How can a veteran be expected to find a “new normal” without help from an agency they can trust?

How can veterans be expected to thrive once home unless their families are included as part of their treatment?

How can veterans benefit from treatment unless that treatment is accessible, provided in an environment that is welcoming, and offered by clinicians trained to help and who truly understand?

The answers are as simple as they are unacceptable.  They cannot.  That is why they are suffering.

That is what Veteran Health Services, Inc. is going to change.

Dr. Stephen Goldberg, Founder & President of Veteran Health Services, talked about the Give 5 Drive on WBFF FOX 45.

To watch more videos about Veteran Health Services and the Give 5 Drive, visit our videos page.

The funding model for Veteran Health Services, Inc. is unique and is built upon 3 main pillars.

The first two are what most nonprofit clinics rely upon.  As with other clinics that provide mental and behavioral health treatment, traditional billing of third-party payors will be the foundation of our budget. Additionally, as a non-profit that specializes in the treatment of veterans and their families, we will also be able to apply and secure grants from federal, state and local governments, private foundations and corporations, as well as private donors who support veteran organizations.  Our business model includes the robust  pursuit of all available billing opportunities as well as the pursuit of all available grants and our staffing model includes full time support for these critical functions.

In addition to the above mentioned funding sources, Veteran Health Services, Inc’s plan is to own the location where we provide our services.  The location will have at least 100,000 square feet of office space in excess of our clinic’s needs, allowing VHS to lease this surplus space to outside businesses and agencies as a means of generating income for expenses not covered by fee for service or grant funding.  This solid financial foundation will allow Veteran Health Services, Inc. to maintain it efforts long into the future and withstand the ebbs and flows of insurance company reimbursements and grant funding.

This is why our pre-launch fundraising efforts are so critical to our model and why we created the Give 5 Drive.

About the Give 5 Drive:

An unprecedented charity requires an unprecedented fundraising campaign.

The Give 5 Drive (#Give5Drive) is such a campaign.  Veteran Health Services, Inc. is currently seeking millions of supporters who are willing to donate $5 (or more) to the cause of providing a better option to veterans and their families. We are utilizing social media to promulgate this initiative and are counting on the American people’s compassion for our veterans and their families to motivate action in the form of donating and sharing.

“Give $5 and Tell 5”

We are also counting on the media to continue to help draw attention to the overwhelming need and begin to tell the story of how Veteran Health Services, Inc. is addressing the issue head on.

100% of all funds raised by Veteran Health Services, Inc. goes toward our development, launch and operations.  When individuals donate on-line, they also get the opportunity to help select which location will be the home of the next Veteran Health Services, Inc. from a list of five pre-selected cities.  These cities were selected based on their high concentration of veterans, as well as an existing need for veteran specific services.  The online donor’s voting choices are:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Norfolk, VA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Seattle, WA


For all media inquiries and interview requests, please contact Dr. Stephen Goldberg at