Funding Sources

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Funding Sources

Giving Back, Giving 5, and Never Giving Up

Funding for average veteran nonprofit organizations is often comprised entirely of grants and charitable donations.

But Veteran Health Services is not your average veteran nonprofit.

We’re committed to providing America’s veterans and their families with unparalleled mental and behavioral health, substance abuse, and trauma-related care, regardless of their level of service connection, ability to pay, or adherence to a third party’s traditional concept of “medical necessity.”

Exemplary service requires a level of funding beyond traditional sources.

Veteran Health Services will hire only the best of the best social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists by paying above market wages, offering excellent benefits, and other employee incentives that will attract those clinicians not typically willing to work in a nonprofit organization and will significantly reduce turnover. Services will be provided to veterans and their families in an environment that is contemporary, comfortable, and cathartic.

Multiple funding sources are necessary for clinical excellence

Fee-for-service reimbursements will constitute a substantial portion of Veteran Health Services’ budget, and our veteran nonprofit organization’s general practice will be to bill third parties– including the VA – for all services, whenever possible.

In order to sustain the  level of service that America’s heroes deserve, however, Veteran Health Services must generate additional income, and will do so through its groundbreaking public fundraising campaign, the Give 5 Drive. And, when you give $5, you will also have the chance to vote where the next Veteran Health Services will be.

The choices are:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Norfolk, VA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Seattle, WA

Our First Clinic

Securing just $5 from millions of supporters will allow Veteran Health Services to purchase and renovate a “class A” building that will house its state-of-the-art headquarters and  our first clinic. Office space in this building, and at future Veteran Health Services sites, will also be leased to outside businesses and organizations to offset the costs of Veteran Health Services unreimbursed care, staffing, and employee compensation.

Additional means of funding will include:

  • Corporate and foundation grants awarded to veteran nonprofit organizations
  • Private charitable donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals who share the VHS vision
  • Government grants from national, state, and local sources as hundreds of millions of dollars go unspent each year because of the unavailability of willing and capable providers and clinics.

Veteran Health Services is not the average veteran nonprofit organization – we will be different!

Contact VHS today to find out how you can make a difference in a veteran’s life.