Funding Sources

Funding Sources

Average veteran nonprofit organizations cannot survive on billing for services alone and are often dependent upon grants and ongoing charitable donations for their survival. Veteran Health Services, Inc. is not your average veteran nonprofit.

At Veteran Health Services, Inc., we are committed to providing America’s veterans and their families with unparalleled mental and behavioral health, substance abuse, and trauma-related care, regardless of their level of service connection, ability to pay, or adherence to a third party’s traditional concept of “medical necessity.”

However, in addition to those core services, we will also offer:

  • Family counseling and support to help veterans reintegrate back into society and find their “new normal”
  • On-site, short-term child care to allow single and/or working veterans to actually attend treatment knowing their child(ren) is/are safe
  • Transportation to and from major public transit hubs to ensure access and
  • Enough space to allow for family therapy, substance abuse treatment and meaningful, veteran driven peer to peer interactions
  • Training for our clinicians to ensure every clinician providing services to veterans and their families understand military culture and specialize in veteran specific issues 
  • An environment and physical plant that is warm, welcoming and therapeutic rather than cold, stoic and uninviting

Owning the Building . . . Its a Game Changer!

Your donations will allow Veteran Health Services, Inc. to purchase and renovate an office building that will house its state-of-the-art headquarters and our first clinic. The key to our unique business model is for the building to house at least 100,000 square feet in excess of what we need for the clinic operations.  That additional space allows Veteran Health Services, Inc. to earn enough income from leasing that space to offset the cost of all the care, services and training that fee for service, grants and donations alone cannot support, but which are desperately needed.  

Once the building is purchased and operations begin, the Veteran Health Services, Inc. business model is self-sustaining, meaning that we do not require an ongoing influx of capital from the public to maintain our ability to provide unparalleled service and support. 

Multiple funding sources are necessary to provide the level of service required, warranted and deserved.

Fee-for-service reimbursements will still constitute a substantial portion of Veteran Health Services, Inc.’s budget and we will bill third parties– including the VA – for all services, whenever possible.

Additional means of funding will include:

  • Corporate and foundation grants awarded to veteran nonprofit organizations
  • Private charitable donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals who share the VHS vision
  • Government grants from national, state, and local sources as hundreds of millions of dollars go unspent each year because of the unavailability of willing and capable providers and clinics.


Veteran Health Services is not the average veteran nonprofit organization – we will be different!

Contact VHS today to find out how you can make a difference in a veteran’s life.