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100% of all proceeds will be used exclusively for the development, launch, and operation of Veteran Health Services, Inc.

Give 5 Drive Challenge

You have the chance to be part of a national movement. Challenge 5 of your friends to give 5, themselves! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Donate to Veteran Health Services, Inc. by clicking the Donate Now button above, or send a check to Veteran Health Services at 12975 Highland Rd, #3, Highland, MD 20777
  2. Snap a photo of the palm of your left hand. Get creative. Get silly. Get dramatic. And get moving! We hope to see people giving 5 across the nation, in strange and unique settings, and in the midst of cool activities. Let your imaginations run wild!
  3. Post your photo to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter using #Give5Drive
  4. Tag 5 friends to do the same! Use a caption like this:

I gave 5 for veterans via the @Give5Drive! Where will you give your 5? #Give5Drive @John @Jane @Jack @Jacob @Jill

Don’t forget to use #Give5Drive and tag @Give5Drive so we can repost your image.



PLEASE NOTE: Although we process our donations using PayPal, you DO NOT need to have or create a PayPal account to donate.  Simply click the “Pay with credit or debit card” link, which is highlighted in the illustration to the right, once you’re redirected to the PayPal page.


Where do the American people need the next Veteran Health Services, Inc. location?

In addition to making plans for our Maryland launch, we are busy tallying votes for the location of our next center. The city receiving the greatest number of votes will see our next Veteran Health Services center being constructed within that city or its surrounding area.

As you make your donation, please select which of the 5 cities should house the next Veteran Health Services center.

Save the Day

Despite the staunch efforts of dedicated organizations and individuals that donate to vets, the population remains woefully underserved.

But you can help Veteran Health Services make a difference and treat veterans and their families like the heroes they are.

Your donation is critical in realizing this goal, and every contribution – regardless of amount – can make a tremendous difference in a veteran’s life.

Rest assured, your generous contribution will go directly to the development of health care services and programs for American veterans, as 100% of all proceeds will be used expressly for the development, launch, and operation of Veteran Health Services. We are the providers of care.  And, unlike other charities that have garnered negative publicity because of concerns about how executives utilized funds, our bylaws forbid executive performance bonuses.

Please make a donation of any amount and help Veteran Health Services serve the well-deserved.