About Us

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Veteran Health Services, Inc.’s mission is to provide Veterans and their families timely, veteran-specific, evidence-based mental and behavioral health, substance abuse, and trauma-related services from the best available clinicians in a contemporary, well-appointed setting, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, multiple therapeutic modalities, medications and/or non-medication approaches to maximize positive outcomes.

Our vision is to properly recognize our nation’s veterans’ service to our country by providing the best available mental and behavioral health, substance abuse, and trauma-related services for them and their families, creating a collaborative, supportive and uplifting environment that encourages and accommodates veteran driven peer-to-peer support and having ancillary services available to maximize accessibility and utilization regardless of their level of service connection, ability to pay, or traditional third-party definitions of “medical necessity.”


Our Heroes Need Veteran Health Services, Inc.

Mental and behavioral health problems continue to mount amongst America’s service men and women, while the ongoing inadequacy of available services nationwide specifically geared towards veterans and their families have proven a continuous roadblock in the betterment of mental health for veterans.

For that reason, Dr. Goldberg founded Veteran Health Services, Inc. He could not sit back and watch what was happening any longer and thus set out to address head-on the unmet mental and behavioral health, substance abuse and trauma needs of our country’s veterans.   To “once-and-for-all” properly “serve the well-deserved.”

Why Veteran Health Services, Inc. is Different

Helping our heroes requires a skill set that transcends a general license or certification to practice. The unique and specific issues facing our veterans and their families demand specialized care from clinicians who receive the specific training necessary to understand military culture and the myriad of effects that result from serving one’s country, the invisible ravages of war, and the impact their service has on the veterans themselves as well as their families.

Veteran Health Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company committed to providing this unrivaled level of care that is driven by the potential benefit to the mental and behavioral health of our veterans and their families, not by third party payer definitions of “medical necessity.” Our staffing plan is designed to cut down on client wait times, our programs will incorporate both medication and non-medication based treatment utilizing best practices and our cutting edge technology will cater to a broad clientele and improve access and outcomes.  

All of this will be provided in a spacious environment that is warm and accommodating.

Additionally, 100% of all donations to Veteran Health Services, Inc. are used exclusively for the development, launch, and operation of the nonprofit organization. We are the providers of care.  Our bylaws forbid executive performance bonuses, no salaries are paid to anyone until we have achieved our launch goals and donors can rest assured that their generous contributions will help to facilitate the treatment of America’s service men and women.

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